Mission & Vision

The Vision
Our vision is to facilitate a deeper connection to the cultural landscape of the Red Hill Valley Watershed in order to promote human and environmental well being. By restoring constructive relationships between the people of Hamilton and the Haudenosaunee at the Grand River Territory, we expect to create unique partnerships to reverse the negative affects of environmental degradation and build educational programs that connect real peoples’ lives to the real forces of nature that will impact on our collective future. Our facilitating strategy will be based upon indigenous and community values and creative ecosystem-based management principles as we seek to improve the quality of life in the Red Hill Valley watershed, and thereby set an example for other communities.

The Mission
Our mission is to seek new and innovative ways of using biodiversity to improve human well being. We will focus on the biodiversity of the Red Hill Valley Watershed in order to collaborate with the Haudenosaunee, environmental protection and appreciation groups, educators, artists and governmental agencies. This collaboration will be predicated upon underlying values that promote respect, trust and friendship.