Our Objectives

The Joint Stewardship Board adheres to 7 key values:

1) Protect Burials and First Nations Sites

  • Assess cultural significance of known sites
  • Recreate village lifestyles changes through time
  • Develop Inadvertent discovery policies and procedures
  • Design to minimize negative impacts
  • Provide insightful interpretive experiences on the¬†land.

2) Link Haudenosaunee and Hamilton citizens

  • Operate Joint Stewardship Board Effectively
  • Communicate with both communities regularly
  • Provide ample training opportunities
  • Hold public consultation forums
  • Develop academic programs to share what has been learned from this project.

3) Provide Enlightened Access to the Valley to Multiple Audiences

  • Develop cultural interpretive centre
  • Develop and implement land trail system
  • Operate special educational/recreational programs
  • Enhance Hunting, Fishing, Gathering and Trapping¬†Access with proper conservation protocols.

4) Protect and Enhance the Ecosystem

  • Collect plant, tree, animal, fish, bird and other natural resource inventories
  • Identify no-development zones to protect endangered or threatened species.
  • Manage replanting and ongoing regeneration programs
  • Re-establish ancient creek flow and ecosystem
  • Educate public on the variety and significance of the natural resources
  • Become a regional research centre on special aspects of environmental restoration.

5) Acknowledge and Honor Ancestral Experiences

  • Research, write and publish a cultural history of the Valley
  • Conduct Oral History on the human connection to the valley
  • Identify and protect significant built heritage sites
  • Recreate various historic lifestyles through a living museum approach
  • Create an atmosphere of respect for nature within the around the Valley through actual human experiences.

6) Understand Potential Human Impacts on Ecosystem

  • Create an environmental case study research centre to document and examine significant cases of both environmental destruction and environmental restoration.
  • Develop a history of the project that documents the decision-making, the community response, and the ultimate social/cultural/economic costs of the project
  • Provide public education opportunities to explore human relationships to nature
  • Become a regional research centre on special aspects of environmental restoration.

7) Capitalize on Economic Opportunities within Values of the Framework

  • Provide economic opportunities to the community of Six Nations.
  • Develop economic opportunities in the areas of Environmental Science, Biocultural Science, Education, Indigenous Studies, Architecture, Landscaping, Green Energy within the Red Hill Valley.
  • Promote local businesses and Aboriginal Businesses that are of the framework of the Joint Stewardship Board.