Outdoor Education Program

The Joint Stewardship Board is committed to the principle that the future depends on the constructive engagement of the best contemporary ecological science and environmental protection practices and indigenous ecological knowledge. In keeping with this idea, the Joint Stewardship Board intends to  launch an outdoor education program that will reflect the values of both philosophies.

The intent of the Outdoor Education Program is to provide active outdoor education in the Red Hill Valley that brings together the best of indigenous philosophy and practices with the most innovative modern science and ecological practices. Our goal is to help young people in both Six Nations and the City of Hamilton to become more aware of and responsible for their impact on the earth. The purpose is to teach the student how to reconnect with the earth and simultaneously view the earth as the teacher and healer. An immense amount of research has contributed to understanding what Haudenosaunee Ecological Knowledge is, what it means to the Haudenosaunee, and how does this look in an outdoor education setting that reflects both philosophies.

Finally, the program is intended to utilize the knowledge of our ancestors and modern scientific findings to learn how to change and adapt to present climate change and to adopt a positive relationship to the earth and its resources.